Bloat Therapy

Story time! I once knew this awful thing named Bloat and 'he' was horrible. He made me so self-conscious,  uncomfortable and zapped all my energy. Then I figured out, my diet and lifestyle choices was the soul reason he liked me. Gross. I cut out the crap and left bloat behind!


Bloat Therapy

Kiss Bloating Goodbye 

1.  Probiotics! Make probiotics or digestive enzymes your new favorite supplement. They help your body digest food better and support healthy bacterium in your gut. I suggest taking them WITH your food (they won't work as well if you take them before or after).  love Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra from Whole Foods Market.

2.  Chew slowly and slow down. If you chew your food at least 15 times before swallowing you will reduce bloating by 85%. Plus, enjoying a meal is sacred so please don't rush through it!  Remember to sit down, chew, put your fork down between bites, and sip on water. I know how tempting it can be to scarf down meals like it's your last, but trust me, it's 10x more enjoyable when we savor every bite. I like to remind myself to "Treat every meal like it's your last". d. 

3. Ginger turmeric tea. As soon as you feel the bloat come on, pour some hot water over peeled + chopped organic ginger and turmeric. I love rishi's tea if you like bagged tea.

4.  Zero carbonation. They make bloat even worse. In fact, sometimes they can even cause bloat. If you are bloated, try removing these foods from your diet and see if conditions improve. At times, If you like kombucha, sparkling drinks or even soda-reduce it to combat belly bloat! 

5.  Make a smoothie. Sometimes eating big fresh raw salads can make bloat even worse. I find that blending my food into either cooked soup or smoothie works wonders for my digestive system and actually reduces the bloat.  

6. Drink water. Water heals all- truly. I tell people to drink water when they're thirsty, and when they're not thirsty. Water helps move things along and is one of the best detoxifiers around. 

7.  Sweat: get some exercise. I know that being bloated is uncomfortable and makes us feel sluggish, but keep your body moving. This will help reduce anxiety and by moving your body you are telling your mind to move and the bloat to move. It's a manifestation thing. 

8.   Sleep! Rest your eyes and relax your mind. Put some lavender oil on your temples and put on yoga music. It will help your bloat and you will de-stress!

9. Food intolerances.  Is there something you are eating that continuously causes you to feel sluggish and bloated? If so, remove it.  Common bloating foods are gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, processed foods, raw foods, and artificial sweeteners and sodas. Everyone is different so what works for someone may not work for you. Experiment. 

10. Take a bath with Epsom Salt. When I'm feeling like I'm holding onto water weight or just need to soak my muscles- I always aim to take a hot bath with epsom salts. it can really help with inflammation and also de-bloat our bodies. Some clients can shed 2-3 pounds of water weight per bath!


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