Pantry & Fridge Staples

I know it can be super-duper overwhelming and confusing keeping up with food trends and what to believe. I wanted to share some of my favorite food and pantry items that I always have on hand and most importantly WHY. These items are super versatile and you can use them so many ways.

1.     Dark Leafy Greens: The darker the green, the more nutrient dense. Long gone are the days of buying iceberg lettuce! #basically water.  My favorites are spinach, arugula, romaine or collards for wraps! TThey are actually full of vitamin K, calcium and have antioxidant strength to boost immunity. Make sure you always buy ORGANIC greens, because they are part of the Dirty Dozen and spray the most.

2.     Organic Eggs: I love eggs. Not only for their beauty to dress up any dish but they are such a complete food! They are fill with tons of protein, Omega-3’s . I actually love getting creative with my eggs- you can eat them scrambled, poached, sunny-side up, and they are the perfect addition to go on top of avocado toast. I get my eggs free range from Vital Farms (Whole Foods Market) or a local farmer’s market.

3.     Avocado: My love for avocados goes far and wide. I eat 1/2 an avocado a day. Loaded with healthy fats and fiber, these babies are also high in potassium, which can help with healthy blood sugar levels. Avocados can be smashed onto a piece of toast, sliced as an addition to a sandwich, or made into guacamole. I normally buy organic avocados but I am not too strict about it. 

4.     Frozen Cauliflower: Full of vitamins and minerals, fiber, and anti-inflammtory properties. Frozen cauliflower can be kept on hand to be steamed or roasted, or they can even be added to smoothies to add creaminess and extra nutrients without the sugar. 

5.     Almond Butter: AKA CRACK! Am I right?! The monounsaturated fat in almond butter helps control blood sugar, which is great because I eat a lot of it. Almonds are also high in vitamin E, which nourishes the skin. Whether it's in a smoothie, spread on top of toast, or drizzled on top of yogurt, I can't get enough! 

6.     Nuts & Seeds: Cashews, ground flax, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut shreds, and flax seeds are my go-to bulk item purchases. They last a long time when kept in the fridge. I like to store them in Weck jars to keep them looking pretty. They go on top of smoothies, yogurt bowls, in nut milks, or by themselves for a quick snack.  


1.     Coconut Oil: Full of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that improves brain function. The MCTs are sent to your liver which then get converted into energy, which makes it a great addition to your morning latte or oatmeal. Not only is this oil great for cooking, baking, and adding into your smoothies or lattes, but it is great as a topical moisturizer for your skin and hair. I always buy organic coconut oil since I use it for just about everything.  

2.     Vanilla Protein Powder: I usually try to get my protein from a food source, but I like to add protein powder into my smoothies to get an extra filling protein boost. Protein is good for building muscle and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. My favorite brand is Shakeology. I like vanilla since it is way more versatile in flavor than chocolate, but you can have both around if you please. 

3.     Organic Quinoa: Believe it or not Quinoa is actually a seed packed with tons of aminos, proteins and is a great substitute for oats, rice, pastas and binders for veggie burgers, casseroles or adds a great texture to salads, soups and even desserts!

4.     Organic Cinnamon: My favorite spice that I probably have 5 jars of right now in my pantry is cinnamon!  Believe it or not this is best to stablize blood sugar. Cinnamon is one of the best ways to spice up your smoothie, latte, yogurt bowl or pancake recipe. Make sure you buy organic as this is one of the most commonly sprayed spices.

5.     Ashwagandha: My favorite go-to adaptogen. This herb also helps your body adapt to internal and environmental stress. It can boost brain function, lower blood sugar levels, and lower your stress hormone (aka cortisol). If you are going to get one adaptogen, get Ashwagandha. 

6.     Herbal tea: I drink anywhere from 1-4 cups of herbal tea per day. I usually almost always end my meal with a cup of peppermint or licorice tea to aid in digestion. It usually helps stave off any sugar cravings I may experience.