Sustainable Healthy Eating Organization Tips

Ask yourself this question right now. Are you proud of your fridge and pantry?  Is it organized, clean, labeled and inviting or is it cluttered, messy and a little bit scary. It may be time to freshen things and bring back some motivation to your food-organization!  Here's some of my favorite tips to share with clients when it comes to organization!


  • Switch to glass containers right NOW. Throw out all your plastic containers- they're worth the investment, last longer, and are better for us + the earth. I like Glasslock.
  • I keep all my nuts + seeds in the fridge so they don't spoil. This includes coconut, hemp, chia, flax, and ALL nut butters.
  • Avocados last longer if you refrigerate them.
  • Always use a nontoxic cleaner when cleaning out your fridge as you'll be putting that cleaner into your body as it will inevitably touch your foods. 

Pantry Organization Tips:

  • Keep everything in labeled bins. Containment is key to organization!
  • Make sure everything is visible. If something’s not visible, that’s when the rummaging around and messes get bad.
  • Keep whatever you use the most at eye level. This can change, so be sure once a month to check in and make sure everything is easily accessible. 
  • Organize by type of food. I keep all my baking stuff in a separate container than my nuts/seeds.