#MealPrepping and all those other good things..

These tips and techniques keep me focused and set up success when it comes to staying on track. Hold yourself accountable to these practices below and you WILL succeed. #goals

#MealPrepping and all those other good things..


Prep Ahead.
We know that you have heard this tip quite a bit. That is because it works. Without setting
yourself up for the week you are making it more difficult to succeed. Quickly go through the
shopping list to check off what you will need to purchase. Don’t forget to check out my example
weekly meal plans to portion and prep yourself for success!

Don''t Bring It In The House.
Let’s think about it...the moment you bring that bag of chips or overly processed food in the house is the moment it starts calling your name. It has been proven that most people’s willpower is not strong enough on a consistent basis. The easiest way to succeed is to clean out the overly processed junk food currently in your pantry and next time you’re at the store, skip the ‘snack or sugary’ aisles and save yourself some money.

Track Your Food.
This technique can be helpful if you find that you are having trouble sticking to the approved
foods and portions. All of you have specific weight loss or health goals, tracking your food will be very helpful. It’s easy for outside snacks, sugary drinks and mind-less eating to sneak up on you. Please use my suggested Apps or Posted Food Journal to keep track of your foods, emotions and thoughts every day.

Don’t Miss a Meal.
Eating every 2-3 hours will keep your metabolism boosted, fat burning and consistently satisfied! Missing a meal can set you back and slow down your overall progress. Remember, abs are made in the kitchen not just in the gym!

Drink Water.
In addition to eating frequently, water consumption is the second most important piece of this journey. Take your total body weight in ounces and divide it in half and that should be the goal for the day-minimally without exercise. For every hour of exercise add 16 ounces to your consumption. I always suggest drinking HOT water with lemon upon waking up. And additionally, a glass of water with lemon before each meal. This will overall prevent overeating and aid indigestion. (i.e Body weight 120. 60 ounches minimum a day!

Carry Snacks.
If you fail to prepare. You will prepare to fail! Always carry a re-usable water bottle, whole-some snacks like almonds, piece of raw fruit so if you are on the go or traveling for the day you can still stay on track!